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JTL Silver Pack 2oz (qty 3)


JTL Silver Pack 2oz Spray Bottle-Quanity of 3

Ionic Silver®

What it may do:

Assist in killing bacteria and other microbes.


Delivery method:


Research & Findings:

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has shown some resistant strains of disease that cannot develop when ionic silver is introduced as they would with antibiotics.

Chief technical officer of Nexxion stated, “To date, no pathogens have been able to survive contact with silver.” (Chemical & Engineering News, April 2006.).  This statement was made after applying ionic-silver coating to catheters, IV needles, and other medical devices and checking for the presence of bacteria.



  • Topically, Ionic Silver H2O® may assist and accelerate the healing process of acne, burns, insect bites, scratches as well as a tissue-healing agent.
  • Ionic silver is often included in dietary-supplements, medical, and industrial products.
  • Samsung has introduced a clothes-washing machine. They claim ionic silver kills 99% of bacteria in cold water.
  • Sharper Image has a line of slippers and pillows with ionic silver incorporated into the fabric to prevent odor-causing bacteria.
  • Some food storage containers are now impregnated with ionic silver to deter bacterial growth, known to contribute to facilitate spoilage.


Medical recognition:

Water-treatment facilities servicing hospitals use silver ions to kill bacteria.

The Ionic Silver H2O® has more of an “antimicrobial” quality, rather than just an “antibacterial” quality. This distinction is important as many diseases affecting today’s humans involve “viral” pathogens, not bacteria.

The medical community has no weapon designed to effectively combat viral pathogens.  The standard of health care prescribed is “vaccination,” however; there is controversy as to the efficacy and safety of existing vaccines.

In Europe:

Ionic silver is recognized as an acceptable treatment for viral conditions. European pharmacists use Ionic silver compounded solutions for treating colds and flu. The European medical desk reference guide provides pharmacists with a list silver-ion compounds and complexes for combating these maladies.

In the near future, our Ionic Silver H2O® may emerge as the recognized solution for the vast majority of viral conditions.

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